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確か 3.1 が出たのが今年の初めだったのだが、1ヵ月後に 3.3 ですか?
唯一 New team jerseys があるくらいで、ほとんどバグフィクスですね。
3.1.1 と 3.2 という感じなのでは?
一週間後に 3.3を出すなら 3.2を出さなければいいのに...

Manual update Tacx Trainer software 3.3
download TTS update file 3.3
Size: 57 MB
Date: 03-02-2011

New functions in version 3.3

The position of riders and the finish times in Multiplayer
 are now correct.
Improved coupling of Bushido ergotrainer with the PC.
Adjustments Video player resulting in more flowingly played films.
New team & national team jerseys 2011.

Manual update Tacx Trainer software 3.2.0
Download TTS update file 3.2.0
Size: 50 MB
Date: 24-01-2011

New functions in version 3.2.0

Importing BikeNet routes works again
Percentage of maximum heart rate is now correctly calculated 
Body weight is used correctly when calculating power output
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