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あまり良い噂がない 3.1 だが思い切ってアップデートしてみることにした
今回は画面からの update で無事にインストーラが起動。





というわけで 3.1 へのアップデートは成功と言える?

New functions in version 3.1.0

It is possible for several people to share the software on one single PC and you can use your personal account settings on several PCs. Read the explanation before you start to use update 3.1
Videoplayer has been entirely renewed; the films play more fluid now
Google Earth display has been entirely renewed for faster results
You can show heart rate in a percentage of your maximum HR, in the Analyser as well as while you're riding
You can export scores as an XML file. That way they can be opened under different software
The course drawing in Real life Video has had vertical lines added to indicate the distances of the program.
Important improvements in version 3.1.0

A report goes to Multiplayer host when all of the users are ready to start
Upload speed of a Real Life Video score to the BikeNet has considerably increased
Wind setting in the VR terrains now functions optimally
Powermode function has been added to the Catalyst
Calibrating the handlebars is now done for the left, the centre and the right. This guarantees more precise measurements.
Google Earth settings are off when you are not connected to the internet
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