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全然気がついていなかったが ProTrainer5 がバージョンアップしていた

5.35.165 → 5.40.171

Polar ProTrainer 5 Release Notes

Release Date: 18th August 2010.
Version number: 5.40.171

Enhancements / Fixes to ProTrainer 5 software
- Architecture of calculating and showing Lap times/Markers/Phases, modified and fixed
- Logic for showing exercise distance in different places checked and modified.
- Diary distance, in some cases the distance in Diary is wrong, fixed
- Distance at X-axis, if distance is measured in meters and changed to miles afterwards → wrong scaling, fixed
- R-R curve, can not be corrected on zoomed area, fixed
- Exercise distance is not shown after adding Lap distance manually, fixed
- Lap, zero temperature was shown in Lap time tips with phases, fixed
- Error filtering, minor fixes
- Lap, total lap time lengthened to 99 hours

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