Polar ProTrainer5 のupdate

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ProTrainer5 がバージョンアップしていた
5.41.0 -> 5.41.2


Fixes to Polar Pro Trainer 5 and Pro Trainer 5 Equine Edition
 • Track information and GoogleEarth export does not work, fixed
 • Training Plan: Import and Export buttons missing in 5.41.000, fixed
 • Lap markers placed wrongly, fixed
 • It should be possible to save more than 131 072 samples, fixed
 • Sport in Google Earth window is always sport of first exercise of day in Diary, fixed
 • RLX curve changes after choosing Selection Info, fixed
 • RS800CX route data incorrect in certain cases with 1s recording rate, fixed
 • Bug in saving/showing gps data if longitude or latitude is near zero, fixed
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