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ProTrainer5 がバージョンアップしていた
5.40.172 -> 5.41.0

Polar Pro Trainer 5 and Pro Trainer 5 Equine Edition version 5.41.0
 Release date: 3rd December 2012.

 Enhancements/bug fixes:
 Now with Windows 8 support

Changing altitude unit to feet affects distance value in kilometers.
Changing the altitude unit to feet, the distance value changes without changing the distance unit. Fixed
Some lap time information is wrong, fixed

Notes are placed in wrong lap times/markers, fixed

Lap times/Markers not shown in curve view right after the data transfer, fixed

Lap times are located wrong with some exercises when distance is at X-axis, fixed

Lap time numbering is wrong if both automatic and manual lap times exist, fixed

Zone swap icon is not shown in Curve, fixed

Edit Lap time /markers Zone swap icon missing, fixed

Autolaps are shown as manual laps after downloading a training, fixed

Week note goes to wrong week, fixed

No markers shown in curve view with AXN-products, fixed

Markers from AXN500 and AXN700 not transferred, fixed

Markers are wrong in the tracking when GPS signal is not ready at exercise start, fixed

Stride length & pace is not shown with phases, fixed

Possible to save more samples, fixed

Difference between curve cursor values and table in time beat occurred and also curve initial time/beat (Equine version), fixed

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