TTS3.6 にアップデート?

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TTS が 3.6 にアップデートされた
・(またもや) bushido との接続が改善されたらしい...

あきらめて、スタートメニューから Tacx Updater を実行する
ところが No updates available. となるではないか...


New update: Tacx Trainer software version 3.6

The update Tacx Trainer software 3.6 is now available.
This version has been optimized with a number of improvements and the new Multiplayer functions.
You can download and install the update at the right bottom corner of this introduction screen.
Follow the instructions of the program.

Important improvements in the software

The languages Spanish and Italian are added
The coupling with the Bushido ergotrainer has been improved
New Tacx Multiplayer
Multiplayer enables you to race real-time against real opponents anywhere in the world.
Famous mountains can be climbed live together with different persons at the same moment.

From this version 3.6 of the Tacx Trainer software on,
the operation of Multiplayer has been changed completely.
Tacx now has its own server, which makes it much easier to join the races.
A calendar in the software gives an overview of the available races which you can enter.

To find out all about the new Tacx Multiplayer,
you can read our brief instruction pdf

When you want to enter web racing, you need a license.
We offer a free 7 day trial. Afterwards a full license can be purchased.

Multiplayer license:
6 months      25,00 euro
1 year          40,00 euro

For current and new Tacx Multiplayer users we have a brief instruction manual for purchasing a license.

BEWARE: The Multiplayer function disappears from the Fortius software.
Multiplayer is only possible in the Tacx Trainer software from version 3.6 on.
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