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TTS3.5 update が出た。
bushido との接続が改良されたらしいので、早速アップデート。


News by Tacx / Tacx workshop / Software news
とはいえ、News by Tacx 以外のタブにはまだニュースがないようだ


Import や Export も改良されたようだが、特に気がつかなかった。


Update version 3.5
The updated Tacx Trainer software 3.5 is now available. 
This version has a lot of improvements. 
Download and install the update in the lower right of this introduction screen.
Follow the program instructions. 
See the pdf for the manual with differences between version 3.4 and 3.5.

Significant improvements

Improved language changeover
Improved connection of Bushido ergotrainer
Optimized functionality when importing and exporting
New functionality

Without cycling, the ability to play the training using the simulation function. 
This is possible for Real Life Videos as well as ErgoVideos.
New introduction screen style.
News messages subdivided into three categories:
- News by Tacx (about new products)
- Tacx Workshop (brief messages packed with interesting information about the software)
- Software News (information about updates)
Information about user logged on can be found by way of a fixed position in the upper right of the introduction screen.
Current software version and update information can be found on the fixed position in the upper right of the introduction screen.
All information about the devices connected are clearly displayed on the right of the introduction screen:
- Interface settings
- Brake settings
- Heart rate settings
- Handlebar calibration
There will soon be a number of new Tacx films available. Information about this will be in News by Tacx.
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