Polar ProTrainer5 Update 5.40.172

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ProTrainer5 がバージョンアップしていた

5.40.171 → 5.40.172

Power target times incorrect, fixed

Exercise result - Curve
Edit Lap Times / Marker window is not opened for selected Lap, fixed
Manually added Lap length wrong in miles, fixed
Lap marks destroyed when exercise duration is over 10 hours, fixed
Phases are not shown correctly sometimes, fixed
Average speed line incorrect, fixed
Speed scale maximum line and value, fixed

Exercise result - Curve - Selection Info
Ascent value is shown instead of distance in list view in curve, fixed

Exercise result - Error correction
Error correction to zoomed area truncate exercise duration, fixed

Exercise result - Exercise comparison
Lap values incorrect, fixed

Exercise- and Sport profile specific settings changes to Current settings, fixed
Sport-specific settings - Calibration factor always 1.000, fixed

Power target times, fixed

Tools - Edit Polar Product Settings
Turning automatic lap on/off does not work with CS600X, fixed

Tools - Online Recording (WindLink required)
Total time inaccurate, fixed
Taking Laps, fixed
Spikes in curve, fixed

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